Mrs. Glosier's Class


1. Please open a new tab and copy and paste the following link into the address bar:   

Click on the green section that says "Typing Lessons." Click on the little blue words at the top of the screen that say "Proper hand placement guide." Read it carefully. Practice holding your fingers over the correct keys.

Click on the orange tab that says "lessons."

Click on "Start lesson." Click "Start." Follow the directions and complete the lesson. When it asks about printing a typing certificate, raise your hand and wait for me to come to you.

2. Do not do this until I tell you.

In the tab where you had the typing game, please copy and paste this link:

Click "Play." Listen to and look at the names of the continents and oceans. You will also see some oceans we have not discussed yet. Click around several times until you feel like you know all the names.

Click on "Click here for more map games" at the bottom of the screen. Find Level 1 and click "Beginner" and then "Play." Find the continent or ocean that is listed.